Internet Cafe PORT1    Service Information
Thank you for visiting PORT1.
Please read the following terms of services.
Please show us your ID (passport, alien registration card, or an equivalent) when using our services.
Please allow us to copy your ID card. We will take the maximum care to protect your personal information.
Fees include PC use and soft drinks. We only accept Japanese yen.
We have visitor and member fees. We recommend you become a member if you intend to come often.
Accompanying guests who do not use a PC are also required to pay the fees.
Cards Accepted:VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express
@ Member fee Open seat (1st floor) Private booth Point Discount Other information
Visitor NA 280 yen for the first half an hour.
Additional 60 yen for every 10 minutes after that.
Package fees are not available.
Not available NA Please show your ID every time you visit us.
Member 100 yen
(Only when you join)
230 yen for the first half an hour.
3 h package: 790 yen(holiday 890yen)
6 h package: 1360 yen(holiday 1490yen)
9 h package (after 19:00): 1690 yen
(holiday 1840yen)
Additional 60 yen for every 10 minutes after that.
270 yen for the first half an hour.
3 h package: 890 yen(holiday 990yen)
6 h package: 1560 yen(holiday 1690yen)
9 h package (after 19:00): 1890 yen
(holiday 2090yen) Additional 70 yen for every 10 minutes after that.
You receive points worth 2 percent of the booth fee.
The points can be used for payment for your next visit or after. (You can use the points when you want as they do not expire.)
Please show your ID only when you visit us for the first time.
Accompanying guest NA Not available NA Accompanying guest rate is applicable when the person uses one of a pair of seats with only one PC, or a seat without a PC.
Please pay when checking-out. For package fees, please pay when checking-in.@Package fees can select checking-in time only.
• We offer a charger for free.
• All PCs use Japanese Windows.
• You can write/read CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, and connect USB Flash drives.
• Discs are available for sale. (CD-R: 100 yen, DVD-R: 140 yen)
• You can print out documents, using the printer at the front of reception counter.
    Black and white printing: 20 yen/sheet, Color printing: 40 yen/sheet
• Microsoft Word and Excel (Japanese versions) are installed in all PCs.
• Wireless LAN (802.11a/ac/b/n/g) is also available.
• PCs will return to default every time they are rebooted.
Please note
• Our staff speaks Japanese only, except for a few words of English. Your understanding is appreciated.
• Leaving the cafe after checking-in is regarded as checking-out. No reentry is allowed.
• Even if you leave within the package hours, you cannot use the remaining hours in your next visit.
• Fees occur once you enter the cafe, even if you do not use a PC.
• You cannot stay in the cafe, even when you are waiting for your friends, after you check-out.
• Japanese law prohibits minors under age 18 from using an Internet cafe after 22:00, even when accompanied by adults.
• Please do not make too much noise inside the cafe.